Mun G Ventures into poultry farming

Posted: 2021-03-21T20:40:29Z
Mun G Ventures into poultry farming

Mun G has been singing for a living for over a decade.

He is one of the few Ugandan musicians who have benefited from the huge endorsements thanks to his music.

Through the endorsements, Mun G managed to construct his own home and landlords have not knocked on his door for over five years.

Despite being comfortable, the rapper feels he needs an extra source of income. 

He has invested in the poultry business. It is still a small start-up and he is still rearing from his backyard.
 “So far I have 40 layers. It is a business that I am just trying out. I’m getting experience in case the government continues locking us down,” Mun G said during an interview.

Mun G follows in the footsteps of King Saha, who has a poultry farm in Entebbe.