Sex Doesn't Keep a man - Lynda Ddane 

Posted: 2021-02-11T19:47:40Z Read: 1,731 times
Sex Doesn't Keep a man - Lynda Ddane 

NTV host Lynda Ddane has narrated that having sex with a man can no longer keep him in a relationship.

Through her Twitter handle, Ddane argued that all prostitutes would be in happy marriages if it was all about whining the waist like a caterpillar.

She noted that a man can only stay where he is well-loved.

"If sex can make a man marry you, all prostitutes would be married. A man stays where he is well-loved, not where is well sexed. Sex doesn't keep a man," she tweeted.

Lynda Ddane has for months been linked to various men around town including workmate Dj Bryan.