Roden Y Kabako to be introduced by Lover

Posted: 2021-02-10T20:56:27Z Read: 1,111 times
Roden Y Kabako to be introduced by Lover

Musician Roden Y Kabako is one of the few surviving pioneer members of Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep (TNS).

Over the years, he has persisted and made an effort to keep afloat in the music industry despite several challenges and failure to get chart-topping songs.

He says his longtime lover known as Jazira Dunuma is his main good luck charm. She is the reason he doesn't give up.

He often praises her for making him a strong man and loving him.

Kabako, who has been bonking her on credit is determined to meet her parents to legalize their nocturnal sessions.

During a telephone interview on Tuesday morning with the Kansanga based Galaxy FM, the “Sitaani Tonkema” hitmaker confirmed that he will meet her parents to make his intentions to marry their daughter known. 

“I will meet her parents soon. I will let you know," Kabako responded when he was asked to clarify his social media posts about meeting Jazira’s family.