Hilderman: I Can No Longer  Be Compromised

Posted: 2021-01-31T18:44:28Z
Hilderman: I Can No Longer  Be Compromised

Singer and now MP-elect for Mawokota, Dr. Hilderman, has assured his voters and those that believe in him that he can never be jeopardized by the government.

Hilderman says he overcame temptations to accept money in charge of abandoning the umbrella or his allegiance to Robert Kyagulanyi.

It was reported that he was over Shs 700m to quit the race but he refused.

He made the statement while speaking to the press recently.

He was also pinpointed by some people as a mole in the red NUP camp. He, however, denies the claims and calls them baseless.

Bobi Wine recently warned his MPs against accepting ministerial positions.