Mary Luswata’s Hair is worth 4,000 Ugandan Shillings?

Posted: 2014-10-15T07:54:30Z

Hmm… so Mary Luswata’s hair is worth four thousand shillings… one-two-three-four thousand shillings ... Really?! …JH seems to think so.

mary luswata

In the recent war of words between Judith Heard and Mary Luswata, Judith has told off the gossip monger Mary that…..She wants to send her a Christmas gift in form of a bonus check to fix her Ug shs 4,000 weave. Wooow so that’s how much the queen of gossip is worth... hair-wise.??

As quoted:

Dear ‪#‎MaryLuswata, I thought I would take a minute to remind you to thank two very important people today. The almighty GOD and Judith Heard without whom you would have been extremely irrelevant. I was right in saying on TV that you need to talk about me in order to keep a JOB and you just justified so there it is...Thank me ‪#‎Mary. You also seem to have a personal vendetta against me which I totally get, I am a tall stunning mother of three adorable babies with a lifestyle you only see in the movies so yes ...If I were You, I would hate me too. Rumour has it that your insecurity issues stem from your school days. I wish I cld help you but I am sorry I am so busy living a fabulous life but can recommend a shrink for that. Just ask. Please take care Mary and be patient, I have more coming for your show , in time for that Christmas bonus check that you are so badly in need of to fix that 2 dollar weave of yours. Smile child. ...GOD is good -all the time.