Pallaso Shifts To Mowzey Radio's House 

Posted: 2020-11-23T20:08:51Z Read: 6,061 times
Pallaso Shifts To Mowzey Radio's House 

Musician Pallaso is said to have packed his boxers and moved into late Radio Mowzey's crib located in Kizungu, Makindye.

The "Malamu" hitmaker shifted from his rented pad in Luwafu to Neverland -  Goodlyfe's home. He is no longer worried about paying  rent after being hit hard financially due covid-19 pandemic.

Radio and Weasel shared the property for years but unfortunately, Radio died in 2018. And since then, Weasel has been living alone, occasionary  sharing the space with his baby mamas.

The source emphasized that Pallaso shifted on   Weasel's request after he released that his young brother was struggling to pay rent.

It's reported that he was also feeling lonely, he wanted to be close to a family member.