Jeff Kiwa is my best friend - NTV’s Etania

Posted: 2020-11-04T21:03:08Z Read: 1,487 times
Jeff Kiwa is my best friend - NTV’s Etania

Party animal and NTV Mix show presenter, Etania Mutoni, is rumoured to be dating a number of city dudes including TNS boss, Jeff Kiwa and and Dj Slick Stuart.

However, she has always denied having an affair with any of these men claiming they are just friends she works with in the entertainment industry. 

During a recent interview, Etania admitted that Jeff Kiwa is a special friend,  who can't just be replaced.

Jeff Kiwa and Etania are often spotted in compromising situations   around different city hangouts.

It was also reported  that she is the reason Jeff Kiwa and Sheebah Karungi had a standoff for months. It's said that she snatched Jeff Kiwa from Sheebah.