Stop Eating Pork - A  Pass Advises Martha K 

Posted: 2020-10-25T21:57:30Z
Stop Eating Pork - A  Pass Advises Martha K 

Musician A Pass Bagonza has advised comedianne Martha Kay to stop feasting on pork because she is overweight.

The musician commented on Martha Kay’s post where she shared a video of herself working out. 

Dressed in tight leggings, Martha Kay’s belly fat  showed clearly.

While she was hailed by a few for working out, many trolled her. And this didn’t sit well with her.

She blocked many who wrote negative comments.

 “I will never be the kind of person who will fight or argue with ‘haters’ or ‘bullies’ in the comment section of MY OWN POSTS. Block. Block. Block. Block!!! 
Stop sending me messages to unblock your friends. No negative energy will be entertained here. Next!!! At least not on my pages
Thank you to everyone that shows me love!! And fights for me. I see yah! I love yah,” Martha Kay wrote.