John Blaq Unbothered by Love

Posted: 2020-10-23T21:00:03Z Read: 3,371 times
John Blaq Unbothered by Love

Musician John Blaq  is not interested in love anymore after several heart breaks. He is concentrating on releasing new music for his fans.

In an Interview with a local television, John Blaq said he lost trust in women after being cheated on countless times.

He claimed most of her ex girlfriends targeted his money and celebrity status.

"I have been in love before but I am currently single. I am un bothered by love because of what I went through, most girls were after my money," he  said.

He also responded to rumours that his ex girlfriend Vanessa, caught him red-handed pants down with another woman.

He denied the claims saying that his ex is spreading falsehoods.

“I don’t have to sleep around. I am focusing on my music,” he said in an interview.