Mikie Wine To Legalize Relationship 

Posted: 2020-10-22T21:19:59Z Read: 3,556 times
Mikie Wine To Legalize Relationship 

After finishing his house, Bobi Wine's young brother, Mikie Wine  revealed he is planning visit the parents of his longtime girlfriend come December.

Mikie Wine revealed the news while appearing for a show called The Chat, hosted by Salvador Idringi and his wife Daphine.

He said he was initially rejected by his girlfriend’s family due to many factors, but they are slowly accepting him.

He wants to get the blessings of her parents.

“I don’t think any relationship can work without the blessing of the parents. I know we had some unresolved issues but we’re putting that in the past,”he said.

He hopes to follow it up with a wedding in the coming year.