I am happy for Daddy Andre and Nina Roz - Angella Katatumba

Posted: 2020-10-14T20:30:36Z Read: 3,972 times
I am happy for Daddy Andre and Nina Roz - Angella Katatumba

Sexy Angella Katatumba was musically struggling until she met Daddy Andre. The two worked together on song titled  ‘Tonelabira” which went on to be a hit. 

They later mixed pleasure and business. It was widely reported that they were sharing fluids until they bitterly broke up about 6 months ago.

Word on the street is that Daddy Andre is now dating fellow singer Nina Roz, who recently joined to Black Market Records, a label he is also signed to.

In a recent interview, Angella was asked how she felt about the relationship.

She relayed that she  doesn’t mind them, she is happy that Daddy Andre found love.

 “I moved on and I don’t mind that he found love. As you can see, I am okay. I am just happy for them,” she commented on Daddy Andre's new relationship.

The singer added that Nina Roz is a perfect woman for Daddy Andre. They genuinely love each other.

"Daddy Andre is perfect for Nina Roz. They love each other and that's what matters. I separated with him longtime ago," Katatumba added in an interview with a local television.

Nina roz is reported to be carrying Daddy Andre's child.