Talent Comes from Eastern Uganda - Maro

Posted: 2020-10-13T21:12:40Z Read: 1,284 times
Talent Comes from Eastern Uganda - Maro

Musician Ronald Maganda aka Maro hails from Busoga region and he is one of  successful artists in the music industry.

Maro believes Eastern region is the centre of talent in Uganda. He said most of the big musicians Uganda has had in various categories have roots from Eastern Uganda.

Among the notable ones he named are; late Mowzey Radio, GNL Zamba, Rachel Magoola, himself and General Mega Dee.

"Talent hails from Eastern region, this is seen in the melodies and  lyrical maturity. Listen to Radio, GNL, and my music, you will understand what I am talking about. Many will argue but I still insist, we are the best. We have worked hard to be here," he said in an interview with Urban TV.