Swangz Avenue, Steve Jean Beef Escalates

Posted: 2020-10-12T18:51:57Z
Swangz Avenue, Steve Jean Beef Escalates

For almost five years, there has been a silent war between Fenon records proprietor, Steve Jean and the Swangz Avenue management headed by Benon Mugumbya and Julius Kyazze.

The longstanding fued is slowly biting into the business of the two companies. 

On Friday, Fenon Records produced the Independence online concert but failed to record Winnie Nwagi's  performance and this angered Benon and Julius Kyazze.

The brains behind Swangz Avenue believe Steve Jean just wants to sabotage their company.

"Steve Jean is our father and we are grateful for that but we don't know why he doesn't want to associate or talk with us anymore, we have no problem with him but he does," Julius Kyazze, the Swangz Avenue CEO said in an interview with a local paper.

Benon also added, "our artistes are willing to perform on his shows, that's if they are approached by any client. But he is not willing to work with them and  that was the case with Winnie Nwagi."

Both Julius Kyazze and Benon Mugumbya were mentored by Steve Jean  before starting up Swangz Avenue record label.