I Am Not Interested in Marriage — Winnie Nwagi 

Posted: 2020-09-15T19:55:53Z
I Am Not Interested in Marriage — Winnie Nwagi 

Winnie Nwagi is fancied by many male fans.  Fellow women envy her because of her derrière.

She is the woman men would want to keep in their homes. But Nwagi revealed she is not ready for that.

She revealed through her social media that she is open to dating but not marriage.

She tweeted ,"I love being in a relationship but marriage ain't for me....weird huh!" 

Her fans on social media then questioned her decision but she did not spill more.

Nwagi has not been in any official relationship ever since she had a nasty break up with her ex boyfriend General Czarbu. This perhaps discouraged her from being serious with men.

She has one child from a past relationship (before Czarbu).

She was also linked romantically to fellow singers Chozen Blood and King Saha but she denies the allegations.