Jose Chameleone finally secures his car from URA

Posted: 2020-09-08T07:41:37Z Read: 3,268 times
Jose Chameleone finally secures his car from URA

In April this year, singer Jose Chameleone’s car was impounded for tax evasion amounting to over UGX 200M.

The 2016 white Toyota Landcruiser V8 was gifted to the singer by a South Sudanese wealthy woman known as Achai Wiir after the former sung a song about her in 2018.

Jose Chameleone started cruising around town with a number less vehicle until it was involved in a terrible accident in Busia. He abandoned it for almost 6months until it made way back in the city for his mayoral campaigns only to be impounded by the tax collection body.

Jose Chameleone was over the weekend spotted cruising in the same ride with registration number plate UBH 013N in a jolly mode.

His brother Pallaso took to social media to brag on how the Mayanjas have the most expensive rides in Uganda.