Tina Fierce Attacks NBS TV over Zahara Totto's  Discipline

Posted: 2020-08-20T20:43:24Z Read: 3,169 times
Tina Fierce Attacks NBS TV over Zahara Totto's  Discipline

Troubled gossip monger Tina Fierce criticized the management of Next Media for failing to cancel Zahara Totto's contract over unprofessional conduct.

Tina Fierce explained that the media house should employ people with good morals in the society.

Tina expressed her disappointment with NBS television for failing to tame Zahara Totto.

"Zahara Totto doesn't deserve to be watched by our children at home. The company shouldn't act blind, Zahara should be  fired," Tina Fierce said during her 'Random thoughts' show on YouTube.

It should be noted that Tina Fierce's show, scoop on scoop was scrapped from Urban TV over unprofessional conduct. He was accused of unbiased reporting and targeting specific members of the society.