Bad Black Vows Never to Dump  Current Toyboy

Posted: 2020-07-26T21:54:53Z Read: 1,970 times
Bad Black Vows Never to Dump  Current Toyboy

Socialite Bad Black enjoys two things-good sex and lots of money. 

She has slept with all types of men; young and old in pursuit of the two things that fulfill her life. She doesn’t settle  with one, but her latest revelation is that she has finally found the one she can never leave.

Bad Black is currently dating Asha, 24, whom she says is the greatest man when it comes to bedroom acrobatics.

Asha, she says, treats her so well and uses sex techniques that make her crazy. As such, she says she will stick with him.

She was previously dating a one Sky. She says he was good in bed but Asha is way better.

She is afraid to post his pictures on social media over fears that girls will snatch him.