Salvador Meets President Museveni Again

Posted: 2020-07-26T21:45:58Z Read: 2,146 times
Salvador Meets President Museveni Again

Renowned comedian, Salvador Idringi met with President Museveni again over the weekend. He shared a picture on his social media accounts posing besides the President. He hinted that they had a great  discussion about the comedy industry. They also had a fruitful discussion about Bizonto comedy group that was arrested last week over a video clip that is deemed sectarian.

Salvador, who is the vice-president of the Uganda Comedians Association in Uganda  pleaded for their release.

They are expected to appear in court this week.

The last time Salvador met the President, he got his wish. He asked for a free venue to host his Africa Laughs Show at Kololo Airstrip.

He has never stopped to thanking the President over his contribution.