Fada Pest Strikes Manchester Fans On Ugandan Independence celebrations.

Posted: 2014-10-07T06:26:31Z

The diasporan celebrated dancehall guru came out to perform and set the crowd at blaze. The Crowd was on its feet and supported their Diasporan Star.

The Flight and Energtic performer silenced the wannabes and critics who are trying to level up with him. Fada drew the line and set mileage to prove is still standing tall in the industry.

Fada Pest performed Pune, Roda, And Uganda Empya to salute fellow Ugandans who attended the show.

Fada was given a Ugandan flag that symbolised Ugandans needs a new Uganda.

Connect Radio and Jambo Safaris organised the event for the Ugandan first ever independence in Manchester.

Team Connect included Kuk Li, Gento P, Milly Namukasa, Mzee Kapapali Caster P and Barbara Wamala they performed for the warm audience.

Next set diasporan show is the Home Coming that Fada Pest, Kuk Li, Gento P, Myco Chris, Chizzo And Titan Takuba (Team Cream) will start tour on UK Kampala Night at Club Laface and Grand Opening of Club Pier One Night spot. Next will be held by Silk Events so stay tuned