Kasuku is a Hypocrite - Sheilah Gashumba

Posted: 2020-07-05T21:05:12Z Read: 1,655 times
Kasuku is a Hypocrite - Sheilah Gashumba

During a discussion on a local television on Saturday, Kasuku attacked Sheilah Gashumba saying she has no authority to fight cyber bullying because she practices the same.

In retaliation, Sheilah Gashumba said Kasuku is a hypocrite who has been lying to her, pretending to be a friend  to her family.

She said Kasuku has always found his way into their lives,  tapping free alcohol and food from her boyfriend's table around city clubs especially Club Guvnor.

"Kasuku is a hypocrite who continues to stay among the people. Many times he has offered himself beer from Marcus's table. He is ever asking for transport in the bars. He pretended to be our friend, " she said.