Bobi Wine is my Role Model - Cindy Sanyu 

Posted: 2020-07-01T20:38:10Z Read: 2,730 times
Bobi Wine is my Role Model - Cindy Sanyu 

It is not easy for any one to earn credit and praises from Cindy Sanyu. It is very hard to please her and she admires few artistes in Ugandan music industry.

Cindy says Bobi Wine has done alot for the industry, he is a role model to many including her.

While talking about different online concerts organised by Bobi Wine, she said he set a record and it won't be easy for artistes to surpass it.

"I keep glued to his online concerts everytime he holds one. He is my role model in this industry and i keep showing him support. I totally agree with him on organising concerts because as a musician, he misses stage," she said in an interview with a YouTuber.