Tina Fierce Is Not Fired - Insider

Posted: 2020-06-30T21:38:17Z
Tina Fierce Is Not Fired - Insider

Urban TV’s Sqoop on Sqoop host,Tina Fierce, has been under fire for  allegedly bullying celebrities on social media.

Due to pressure, Urban TV announced that the controversial show had taken a break but they promised to come back bigger and better.

This came amidst an ongoing campaign dubbed #stop social media bullying that was started by Sheilah Gashumba and boyfriend God’s Plan, who accuses the presenter of incurrate reporting. They claim she specifically targeted them, giving out biased information about the couple.

Sheilah and her followers took to social media to jubilate that Tina Fierce had been fired.

But one of Tina's workmates and close friend informed Howwebiz that the presenter is on leave, she will be back anytime soon. 

“She is on a break. The show usually takes a break every year but she will back with a bang," an insider informed Howwebiz.

In a twist of events, it seems a number of Twitter influencers who had been hired by Sheilah to push the campaign are apologizing for engaging in a campaign  that led to Tina Fierce losing  her job. We will keep you updated as the story keeps unfolding.