Katogo Show Presenter Jaxta In An Open-Relationship With Singer Rhoda K Shelbie

Posted: 2014-10-06T09:09:08Z

The Katogo show presenter at the industrial based TV station Record TV is in an Open relationship with Rhodah K....Can you dig that?? Yes it true...

Last week on saturday, during Risingstar Awards, Rhoda K Shelbie couldnt get over Jonathan Jaxta, every song she was performing was dedicated to Jonathan Jaxta.... She performed two of her song 'Let's Do It Together' and 'Lowoza' and they were all for Jaxta. It was total love in the air.

Photos of Rhoda K Shelbie


Our snoops were so anxious to know if the two were really into the things of "daddy and Mummy manner"...and guess what, Rhoda K Shelbie was infected with Jonathan Jaxta love Virus, which is more dangerous than Ebola. These two are in love and have decided to make their relationship open to public.

Who is Jaxta?

He is a self-declared  best presenter on TV. Jonathan Jaxta  doubles as a musician and he claims that  he’s the only vision bearer of all urban TV shows that play local music in Uganda.

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