GNL Zamba's marriage on the rocks! 

Posted: 2020-06-21T21:40:26Z Read: 6,233 times
GNL Zamba's marriage on the rocks! 

Reports are saying that GNL Zamba and Miriam Tamar's relationship is struggling. 

She is getting on his nerves, as per reports.

Apparently, the couple is failing to agree on what to do in future and whether to stay in the states or return to Uganda.

Everything seemed to be going on pefectly well when they were in  Uganda a few months ago. They purchased a mega mansion in Buzinga before flying back to USA.

An insider confirmed that  the couple is going through a rough patch but they hope to overcome their problems. 

“They had  disagreements over their future but they are trying to sort them out," an insider revealed. 

It should be noted that GNL Zamba recently revealed that he would be coming back to Uganda for good after staying in USA for many years.