Upcoming Musician Prince Omar Runs Broke!

Posted: 2020-05-25T08:38:17Z Read: 1,926 times
Upcoming Musician Prince Omar Runs Broke!

Musician Umar Mukose commonly known as Prince Omar is grassing, according to reliable sources.

The upcoming musician has always paid off deejays, media personalities and bloggers to praise his songs. However, the singer’s coffers have dried up and he is currently being hunted like a cockroach by creditors. 

His friends are worried that he may get depressed soon.

Meanwhile a city fashion designer, Sam, has also called out the singer for failing to clear his money.  

"A few months back, his manager, Trigger, called me and they wanted designer clothes, 10 pairs of shoes and other accessories worth Ugx 5M for a video shoot with Daddy Andre that was going to happen in Kenya. However, his dad only paid 3M and Omar promised to clear the balance but he didn't. And in turn, he blocked my WhatsApp number and blacklisted my other contacts,"Sam revealed through instagram live.