Who Wore It Better ?  Cardi B or Sheilah Gashumba 

Posted: 2020-05-17T21:46:59Z Read: 3,209 times
Who Wore It Better ?  Cardi B or Sheilah Gashumba 

If you're an ardent follower of fashion, you know Sheilah Gashumba is one the most stylish gals on social media. 

She wore a stylish tweed skirt suit on Saturday while appearing on NBS Uncut 'Sabula' show and  set tongues wagging. The outfit was previously worn by American rapper Cardi B.

While Cardi B stuck to white pumps, Sheilah Gashumba switched it up, pairing the ensemble down with black shoes. 

The tweed matching set goes for $ 49 approximately Shs 181,000 on Fashion Nova, a top online fashion store for women.

Sheilah currently has no parmanent  job apart from influencing gigs from different brands like Iconic Ug, kais divo collection among others.

They both look great! We can’t choose.

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