Bryan White To Be Arrested Over Sexual Harassment

Posted: 2020-05-15T06:58:15Z Read: 3,220 times
Bryan White To Be Arrested Over Sexual Harassment

Socialite Bryan White is in hot soup over allegations of sexual harassment.

On Wednesday, a video emerged in which his secretary Stella Nandawula dropped a bombshell claiming that she had been tortured, abused and threatened by Bryan White.

She also alleged that she had been ‘sold’ to Bryan White against her will and had been forced to abort more than once.

In the video, she calls out for help and she says, “I am Susan Nandawula. I am 29 years old. My dad is Rwandese and my mum is Ugandan.  I came to Uganda in search for jobs, through one man called Kirabira Edison. But later I discovered he is a pimp.He sells women to rich men for a profit. I was sold  to Bryan White and I was told I would be his secretary. I have been tortured, abused and bruised. He forced me to abort many times. I am scared of my life. Please help me.Mr Chameleone, help me. Vivian Mbuga, Desire Nalunga please help me. I feel like committing suicide, I am so tired of feeling to much pain".

In her video, Nandawula also alleged that she is not the only victim of Bryan White’s sexual assault and that there are many  other girls who have suffered at the hands of Bryan White.

Bryan took to his social media to clear the air through a live video in which he denied the allegations. He said he is being framed by his enemies. He pointed fingers at Balaam Barugahara for coercing the girl to tarnish his name.

Stella, who appeared in the same live video said she had been forced to record the video by ‘people who want to bring Bryan down’.

She claimed to have been promised a lot of money. 

The security is said to be following up on the matter and according to our fly on the walls of security, Bryan White could be picked up today to explain himself on charges of human trafficking and sexual harassment.