Salvador is a hypocrite - Sheilah Gashumba

Posted: 2020-05-14T07:43:19Z Read: 2,103 times
Salvador is a hypocrite - Sheilah Gashumba

Furious Sheilah Gashumba has branded  comedian Salvador Idringi as a hypocrite after he accused her of not respecting the dead.

This fued started after Sheilah hurled insults at Robin Kisti’s late mum.

Salvador tweeted, "You can’t justify attacking the dead 😢 you can unleash all the artillery in your arsenal but exclude the dead that’s why we say “RIP”... let’s accord them the peace as they rest".

Sheilah replied saying that Salvador cursed social media users when they attacked his kids so everyone needs to be respected, the dead or living.

 “The only problem with you Salvador is that you are a hypocrite!! You were the first person to curse people on social media for attacking your kids and wife.  So now it’s okay for someone to abuse another one’s parents and get away with it dead or alive, there is no difference!” Sheilah tweeted.

Previously, Salvador had said that Sheilah did not use the NTV platform to make money and that she shouldn’t be blaming the TV station for paying peanuts.