Hellen Lukoma: Not all Women are Mothers

Posted: 2020-05-11T07:09:40Z
Hellen Lukoma: Not all Women are Mothers

In her message to celebrate mother's day on Sunday, singer and actress Hellen Lukoma said not all women are mothers.

Hellen Lukoma said many people don't really understand the real meaning  of a mother.  Many women take themselves as mothers yet they have never nartured, given birth or looked after children.

The singer said mothers make sacrifices for their children, look after them even when they don't share the same blood in their veins. 

"Mothers are kind different from women. Today, we are celebrating those who have given birth, those who are looking after children," she posted.

Hellen Lukoma is blessed with only one child. She earlier confessed that she had a difficult pregnancy, she almost lost her baby. She has immense love for babies and understands what real mothers go through to bring up a child.