Daddy Andre Ruined my Music Career - Kasese Girl Narrates 

Posted: 2020-03-27T09:17:40Z Read: 2,659 times
Daddy Andre Ruined my Music Career - Kasese Girl Narrates 

Producer Daddy Andre was accused of sexual misconduct by  upcoming musicians Nadia Rania afew days ago. She exposed him on TV for repeatedly making advances on her.

Another upcoming female singer, Jessica from Kasese alleges that Daddy Andre tormented her with sex advnces for a full year.

She narrates that after  paying Shs 1.5M for song production, Daddy Andre started employing his tactics of asking for her cookie.

While they were in studio recording, she claims that he touched her which forced her to  stormed out crying.

Even after six months, Daddy Andre continued to ask for sex from her whenever he visited Kasese areas.

Jessica says he failed to complete her song, sending her a demo yet she had fully paid money for production.

"Daddy Andre is one of the people sabotaging  upcoming musicians. He endlessly asked for sex from me yet I had paid all the money for  production. He used to call me saying we shall sleep together in Bwera town  before receiving my song. He just sent me a demo without voices in January yet I paid for full production before May last year. He is a monster, " a Jessica narrates her ordeal with Daddy Andre.