Charles Odongtho Resigns From NBS Over  Disrespect 

Posted: 2020-03-10T07:44:14Z Read: 3,682 times
Charles Odongtho Resigns From NBS Over  Disrespect 

All is not well at the Kamwokya based television as it continues to lose its gallant journalists who have built the brand.

Few weeks after the departure of Raymond Mujuni to NTV Uganda, Nbs has suffered another blow as Charles Odongtho also quit.

It is said he decided to throw in the towel after his various calls to have a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer, Kin Karisa were not heard.

He has always wanted to deliver his grievances to the head of the company  but he wasn't given an opportunity to meet the boss.

"Just like any one, Charles has had issues with the management. They always ordered him on who to host, something he believes undermines his profession.

He couldn't meet the CEO for a meeting to iron out the issues that were affecting his work. He believes some members of the management were determined to sabotage his output," a source revealed.

Frastruated Odongtho tendered in his resignation letter and Kin Karisa is yet to consent to it.

He has been the host of Nbs Front line and leaves a big gap to fill, however Nbs television is confident that Simon Kaggwa Njaala can be a perfect replacement for Charles. He had been seating in for him in his absence.

Charles is said to be concentrating on his private business of media training.