I Miss  Desire Luzinda -  Hairstylist Zziwa declares

Posted: 2020-03-09T07:19:05Z Read: 3,806 times
I Miss  Desire Luzinda -  Hairstylist Zziwa declares

Musician Desire Luzinda was once romantically linked to hairstylist Zziwa Kennedy commonly known as HairbyZziwa. 

The two denied the affair, maintaining that they are just best friends. 

Just when the rumours were dying out, Zziwa has added fuel to a dying fire.

In a new post, Zziwa confessed that his days are not the same anymore without Desire Luzinda in his life.

Zziwa said he misses the singer and that he is itching to fly and meet her.

She relocated to America last year.