JAIL has Disciplined Me ... Am A Changed Woman — Bad Black

Posted: 2014-09-30T10:51:53Z Read: 5,533 times

Former top city socialite, Bad Black, confessed that after spending a few months in Jail, her behavior and morals have changed and that she's not demeanored.

Black, who was sentenced to 4 years in jail was recently interviewed by journalists from a local television who found her in prison with her inmates plaiting hair and on beauty treatment in a salon in the prison.

When Bad Black was asked which activities she does in prison, she in a miserly manner replied that she's also learning how to plait hair, weave and try other beauty activities like manicure and pedicure ... and makeup.

Black was denied bail a few weeks ago ... She however admits that by the time she completes her time in prison, she will have learn't a lot and she will be a kind and hospitable lady.

We were so humbled to see Black show a tender and considerate ... and helpful nature. Who knew?!

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