Zahara Toto Juggles  Socialites Don Solo and Reuben

Posted: 2020-02-25T07:23:33Z Read: 2,472 times
Zahara Toto Juggles  Socialites Don Solo and Reuben

Zahara Toto is known for using men. She changes them like knickers.

Last year, she dumped Don Solo for another wannabe Rauben. This is shortly after Zahara discovered that Don Solo had gifted her with a fake car.

She started painting Kampala red with Reuben to get back at Don Solo. 

Two weeks ago, she was in Kenya having a blast with Rauben. She said their love was to last for ages.

However, over the weekend she posted a picture massaging Solo’s face.

She captioned it, “Kampewete ku baby,” loosely translated as, “Let me pamper my baby.”

We will keep you posted as this drama unfolds.