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Judithiana Features on BBC’s She World 

Posted: 2020-01-29T11:21:30Z Read: 1,534 times
Judithiana Features on BBC’s She World 

TV and radio host Judithiana Namaazi is keeping a big smile after featuring on BBC’s She World.

She is the second known Ugandan celebrity to feature on the show after Fabiola. 

She World is a show that focuses on feminine subjects.

Judithiana says she was invited after the producers watched her hosting Salon Talk 
on Urban TV. She quit to focus on her state of art beauty studio.

“When the people from @bbcafrica reached out to me, they told me how they had seen a clip of me presenting on salon talk.....hence asking me to  be apart of the #thesheword. It was sooooo exciting! One  because its BBC and two because it was on merit as opposed to a connection. 
The  kind of merit that will slap you different. 
Not trivialising the fact that I have been a low key fan of #thesheword.

It was such an honor and pleasure.”