Fans Threaten To Take King Saha Into A Rehab

Posted: 2020-01-08T06:23:37Z Read: 4,432 times
Fans Threaten To Take King Saha Into A Rehab

Concerned music fans have advised King Saha to check himself into a rehabilitation center before it's too late.

This is after he released a list of the foolish artists of the last decade that was demeaning Bebe Cool. King Saha  referred to him as a fool, a beggar and used all sorts of mean words.

"That's weed, you need to go for Rehabilitation. Saha it's too much. Leave weed my Brother. You're the most foolish artist I have ever seen. You hate the Truth, " a one Nabaasa Sophia commented.

Other fans also asked King Saha to listen to his elders in the music industry just like APASS.

"Hope you top the list of most foolish, silly and useless artist of the decade. Taking drugs and finding self consolations won't redeem your past glory. Work hard and listen to what your elders in the music industry suggest. Be like APASS, he is back on track. But King Saha, you are now useless all because of weed," a one Dan Kelvin Danton commented on King Saha's post.