Jose Chameleone Wanted Over 45M Debt

Posted: 2019-11-29T06:48:53Z Read: 5,119 times
Jose Chameleone Wanted Over 45M Debt

Musician Jose Chameleone is swimming in debts.

A city money lender John Kabanda says Chameleone owes him 45M.

Kabanda explains that he hired Chameleone to perform at different shows, and before he could start work, he asked for a loan. He promised to pay back.

Chameleone has not been able to pay back on top of playing hide and seek with the loan shark.

When we contacted Chameleone, he said his issues with Kabanda should not be discussed in public.

“We had a gentleman’s agreement. I wonder why he is out in the media spilling whatever we discussed. I will clear everything with him,” Chameleone explained.