Beef Alert: GNL Zamba Stings Gravity Omutujju

Posted: 2019-11-29T06:44:19Z Read: 5,926 times
Beef Alert: GNL Zamba Stings Gravity Omutujju

A music fan on Facebook branded GNL Zamba as an overrated rapper who has no work to show.

The fan went ahead to say that GNL Zamba might not be able to compete with local stars like Gravity Omutujju.

He pointed out a recent interview in which Gravity Omutujju said GNL Zamba is not a legend.

Responding to the fan, GNL Zamba who recently returned from America dared Gravity Omutujju to show his awards, or international stages he has been to.

"Gravity has no albums like mine. All he has are Cricket Oval shows,” GNL Zamba said.

GNL Zamba doesn’t consider filling Cricket Oval to capacity as something to be brag about.