Weasel Beaten Over Another man’s wife

Posted: 2019-11-11T04:44:32Z
Weasel Beaten Over Another man’s wife

Musician Weasel is known for having insatiable appetite for 'sumbis'.  He dips his 6 inch whopper in a different well  every night.

While at Nomad,  a popular bar in Bunga, Weasel who was in company of his manager, two friends identified as Rodger and Ham, and a son to city tycoon Kirumira, was involved in scuffle over disrespecting Roger's wife.

The singer was accused of touching her without consent.

Furious Rodger almost cut off his hand on top punching him several times.

In a video that our snoops landed on,  Weasel is seemed to be in pain as blood dripped from his hand.

His other friend is also seen sniffing unknown substances on the same table. 

He was later rushed to hospital where the wounds were dressed. 

No case has been filed with the Police as of now.

Weasel's singing partner Radio lost his life after a bar brawl in 2018. We pray Weasel doesn't end up him.