I Demand NRM Party Billions Of Money - Balaam

Posted: 2019-11-06T06:44:12Z Read: 2,454 times
I Demand NRM Party Billions Of Money - Balaam

He is one of the loyal supporters of president Museveni and he often talks about it.

Events organiser and promoter Balaam Barugahara is not happy with NRM party. 

Balaam says he is tired of people who camp at his office asking for money, thinking he is just given free Money from the government. I give them my hard earned cash. The government needs to pay me back.

"My Wealth is not from NRM, I work for my money. And I am extremely tired of people who come to my office asking for President Museveni's Money. The government owes me a lot of money," Balaam said.

He also threatened to run away from Kampala town and go back in Masindi to do farming if people don't stop accusing him of getting free money from State House.