Aganaga Explains why he fired Fresh Daddy 

Posted: 2019-10-29T08:46:18Z Read: 3,020 times
Aganaga Explains why he fired Fresh Daddy 

When Kalifah Aganaga  dropped upcoming singer Fresh Daddy from his label, Bad Character, he immediately created his own label and signed new artiste named Sera.

When asked why he had left Bad Character, Fresh Daddy was coy. Aganaga on the other hand is not holding back. He says Fresh Daddy was unreliable. He missed several shows he was booked to perform at.

“Most times, he would be travelling with his son, Fresh Kid. I told him to choose between pushing his own career or surviving under his son’s arm, he chose his son,” Aganaga explained.

Aganaga says he will unveil new singers soon.