The QueenBee Inside Socialite Judith Heard

Posted: 2014-09-22T01:00:33Z Read: 3,172 times

Loved by many haters. Socialite Judith Heard is convinced that all the bad press she gets has more to do with her fabulous life and that is okay because she gets it.

When Judith Heard tell you that she misunderstood by the public, everyone will refuse that. The Socialite just feels sorry for the public knowing her on the wrong side of which in reality she is a different woman.


Howwe can exclusively tell you Judith over the weekend went to Namuwongo Slums for the #‎UgandaHandsForHopeNamuwongo … Decided to make lunch and go share with the ‪kids" She made smiles of the little ones in the slums who had taken years of not eating well feel special.

 As she says always: Make each new day count by helping someone or just making someone smile

One of Judith’s Fans:

Derrick Morgan Kaala 

Now that's what all that money is supposed to be doing...God Bless you Judith Heard....I just wish all these other so called celebrities did that, Uganda would be at a better place itself for the Youth because they would grow up with the spirit of helping and giving back

Some of the photos for the day