King Saha May Die  From  Drug Overdose - Concerned Friends

Posted: 2019-08-21T09:54:53Z Read: 4,952 times
King Saha May Die  From  Drug Overdose - Concerned Friends

Musicians and drugs are almost inseparable all over the world.

They normally get high on different substances in the name of 'catching vibe' and 'finding confidence'.

Friends to musician King Saha are worried that drugs might end his singing career. He is often seen wasted during his performances at shows.
Close pals say, the talented vocalist smokes opium, marijuana, and other toxic drugs. 

"Oyo Saha takyalya na mele mwana, abela akubidwa sawa biina, ayinza noffa mwana, loosely translated as, " King Saha is always high on drugs. He doesn't even eat. Don't be surprised when he is announced dead," a close pal revealed to us. 

He has also lost weight and can't be controlled by friends anymore. 

"He no longer answers his phone and it is extremely difficult to book him at the moment, unless you get in touch with his management. He is ruining his career," concerned friend added.

Over the years, several musicians like Jackie Chandiru, Napoleon, Lillian Mbabazi, Pretty Glo, Cute Kaye among other have been victims of drug abuse.