Musician Big Eye & Gravity Omutujju Fued

Posted: 2019-07-23T10:58:44Z
Musician Big Eye & Gravity Omutujju Fued

The Ugandan music Industry is filled with beef, hate, disses, witch craft among many other things.

Musicians Big Eye and Gravity Omutujju are now fighting like grasshoppers in a calabash.

 Big Eye says Gravity Omutujju is over rated and is just a noise maker.

During the Take Over Party at Freedom city, Big Eye stepped in Dj's box  and instructed him not to play Gravity Omutujju's music. Meanwhile the "Kelele" singer was waiting back stage to be announced.

 Big Eye, who was violent and hostile was dragged off the stage by security after he took out Gravity Omutujju's Flash drive from the Dj's laptop.

Gravity ended up not performing and left the venue very  unhappy.

Gravity was heard  cursing and throwing tantrums before driving off in his Pajero.