Worrying: Fresh Kid's Scholarship Could Be Terminated!

Posted: 2019-07-13T08:57:30Z Read: 9,046 times
Worrying: Fresh Kid's Scholarship Could Be Terminated!

Young kid rapper Fresh Kid secured a scholarship at Kampala Parents school a few a months ago. He is required to be in school from Monday to Friday; however, he has been missing school.

A one  Abrah Abbie, who claims to have connected Fresh Kid to Rajiv Ruparelia, says he might be dismissed from school very soon.

Abrah Abbie expressed wrote, "I had decided to remain silent about how the young sensational rapper secured his way into Kampala parents school but due to the prevailing circumstances threatening Fresh Kid's bursary, am compelled to make some remarks.

I (Abrah Abbie) personally and based on my connections with the Ruparelias approached Rajiv Ruparelia with a proposal to award a scholarship to a boy who had apparently shown signs of promising talent in music but was in a school that could not nurture his talent as far as fame and discipline are concerned.

After a short discussion, Rajiv did not waist much of my time, he simply asked me to send him some of Fresh Kid's music and details, something I did very first without hesitation or even consulting his manager (Francis) coz my aim was simply based on Charity lines.

After one week of scrutiny Rajiv asked Fresh Kid to his office together with his manager and what followed was awarding him a scholarship as requested by me. Remember it's not the first scholarship he's giving out, Ruparelia foundation is paying fees for a number of children at different levels of education including other charity services to the vulnerable in other fields.

Why am coming out on this matter is because the management of FreshKid is slowly breaching the contract signed between the two parties upon awarding the scholarship. Kampala parents is not an ordinary primary school, it's one of the kind that puts much emphasis  on academic excellence of every child/pupil. In this case fresh kid is not exceptional, he's supposed to attend all classes and school extra curriculum activities like other kids. He's supposed to do daily homework and mixed work (weekends) that must be checked and signed by parents or a guardian.

But it looks like most of these are not being followed as the school program requires. The management is moving the kid over weekends for music shows which makes him unable to do homework including reporting to school on Monday when he's fully exhausted.

 Even if it's Charity but KPS or Ruparelia group has terms of engagement, so if fresh kid management doesn't doesn't respect terms of contract, the scholarship may be revoked for sake of Kampala Parents School legacy and academic record.

As I write this piece, the boy has been out of the country, he's missing a lot at school. Why don't they schedule his overseas tours to be in holidays??🤷🏻‍

Basing on the squabbles witnessed between fresh kid's Father and Manager, these guys are much interested in the money the boy is making rather than his academics. This may not be entertained by the sponsor. "