Cindy is an Ugly PIG And A Prostitute - Phina Mugerwa.

Posted: 2014-09-16T09:26:48Z Read: 13,347 times

After bearing the shame of losing her husband to a renown man snatcher and dancehall superstar Cindy Sanyu, the single mom furiously called the 'Sample Dat' singer a piece of sh*t, prostitute and an ugly PIG.

Phina Mugerwa commonly referred to as 'Masanyalaze', officially lost the cat fight between her and singer Cindy. Cindy successfully introduced Phina's ex-husband... hmm... how sad!

The furious Phina is not the kind to go without a fight, or at least will leave some nasty NSFW words to get her head back up straight.

Often describing Cindy Sanyu as a man snatcher and getting no positive results, Phina released the bomb... calling Cindy a whore, a piece of sh*t and the ugliest pig she's ever seen. Now, that's the way to loose a battle ... we hope so!

Pictures of Cindy preparing food in arrangement of her boyfriend (Phina's ex husband), Kenny's return from South Africa, went viral on social media yesterday making the fuming Phina absolutely hopping mad.

Here is the absolute question the internet is asking ... "What did Cindy do to win over a man who knows of her inglorious past from a humble Woman who bears his child?". Some suppose it's witchcraft, others say it's Cindy's the nudity fab crap, but we say it's none of our business.

After all, we have our own question ...
"Is Kenny going to be the last and final man in charge of Cindy Sanyu's fish lips?" ... just asking, we've seen her single like for 100 times. Leave us with your opinion in a comment below this post.

BTW: This is a growing post, we will keep you updated in case of any developments.

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