Man Snatcher Cindy Introduces Phina Mugerwa’s Husband -- Photos.

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Once known Singer Phina Mugerwa aka Phina Masanyalaze in her original format can’t stop crying like a baby after her fellow musician Cindy Sanyu now Cindy Muyiisa snatched her man and introduced her all in the name of the boneless muscle that a man keeps in his panties.


Hardly months after singer Cindy Sanyu broke up with longtime lover Mario Brunette, the music diva decided South African based Ugandan Kenneth Muyiisa and a husband to Phina Mugerwa could be the guy who rhyme with her song Sample Dat,[Download now]

Verse 1 
One wants to love me, one wants to have me 
 But they all look da same when dem approach me 
Some of dem want fi hit it, some dem just want fi hit it 
But they all talk da same when mi ah hear it, 
One needs a hug one one needs a fuck 
But they all calling and stuck pon mi phone 
What am I gonna do? Who am I, who am I gonna choose? 
Mi donno what fi do coz de heart mi cyant see

Last week Furious Phina insists that Muyiisa is his and that Cindy should back off. But in the turn of events, Cindy has introduced Muyisa to her relatives where our snoops saw Cindy dressed now in clothes…forget about the nude days.

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The singer cooked local dish Luwombo for the husband Kenny and it was all a joyous moment for Kenny who with Cindy had introduction meeting flopping.

Photos for the day:




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But experts in relationship seem to be having a weird view of what this means:

One called James Mwirima says “this relationship is probably going to be like that of Zari and Ssemwanga Ivan-these things are staged managed to get public attention”

However Phina insists that she is going to fight for her man until that “pig and husband-grabber” Cindy backs off. You can be the judge in this matter…Comment your views in the comment box below, thank you