List Of Celebrities Whose Kandahars Have Been Viewed In 3D By Ugandans 

Posted: 2019-06-06T10:19:14Z Read: 12,037 times
List Of Celebrities Whose Kandahars Have Been Viewed In 3D By Ugandans 

A week ago, Martha Kay’s nude photos leaked, and went viral on the internet.

However, she is not the first one to have nudes and today we unveil the list of women whose private parts have been dissected by the public. 

Desire Luzinda

Commonly known as the ‘Queen of Kitone’, her nudes caused whopper oscillations in Kampala. Every loaded fella wanted to have a piece of her. She is well endowed downstairs and has river Nile between her legs. Her ex Nigerian boyfriend supplied the eye catching videos and pictures. 

Zari Hassan

Her nudes were leaked in 2013. Her followers were disgusted by her Kalahari desert. However, the person who supplied them is unknown update.

Judith Heard 

Many call her the ‘Queen of beans’. Her gigantic bean surprised many on the internet. Her nudes have  so far leaked two times, the last being 2018. 

Anitah Fabiola

The sexy  socialite is well known for changing men like clothes. Her nudes leaked in mid 2015 and yes, they were appetising. They ended her career at NTV where she was hosting be my date.

Princess Komuntale  

She is a Princess of Tooro Kingdom. When her saucy photos leaked, it was established that ex husband, Christopher Thomas was behind everything.

Kleith Kyatuhaire

She is a former NTV Uganda presenter. When her nudes leaked in 2016, she quit the station and went for ‘kyeyo’ in Dubai.

Sanyu Robina Mweruka

She is a presenter at Bukedde TV. Her nudes and sex tape while bonking a one Kasumali were leaked in 2015 and surprisingly, the station retained her.

Cindy Sanyu

Cindy’s nudes leaked in 2013 but her body was disappointing. 

Robin Kisti

Robin Kisti was an employee of  NTV Uganda by the time her nudes leaked in 2015. She went into hiding thereafter. She has been  in USA for Kyeyo.