Sexy Tracy Kababiito Quits NTV 

Posted: 2019-06-02T06:28:48Z Read: 4,297 times
Sexy Tracy Kababiito Quits NTV 

Over a year ago, Tracy Kababiito joined NTV The Beat together with Dagy Nyce to replace Douglas Lwanga who had moved to Kamwokya based NBS 

The latest info landing this gossip desk indicates that the pencil sized TV host’s days at the Serena based station have come to an end

According to a close source, Management wanted more from Tracy Kababiito but she was incapable of offering to the expectations thus hiring Lynda Ddane from UBC to replace her

Tracey who is currently in Germany took to her social media to announce her exit, “NTV Uganda thank you for granting me the opportunity to work with you since last year,I’m truly humbled. For the fans and family who believe in me,this is not good bye. I’ll be back shortly. This is just to say that I resigned from NTV last week and won’t be doing @NTVTheBeat.” She posted