Beenie Gunter, Nina Roz Sharing A House

Posted: 2019-04-24T05:54:05Z Read: 5,692 times
Beenie Gunter, Nina Roz Sharing A House

The romance between musicians, Beenie Gunter and Nina Roz seems to be going stronger every day.

 The two are staying together in an apartment in Mutundwe.

Beenie Gunter however still rents a pad with his boys in Buziga.

Previously, he denied claims that he is dating Nina Roz.

During a recent interview, he said he would never  put his love life in the public domain again.

Few years ago, he was dating a girl  known as Melisa.

Musically speaking, Beenie Gunter recently released a  new song with Lydia Jazmine titled, No Letting Go.